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Price €9.09

Skalvis is the oldest and most often chosen roof profile. Thanks to its attractive design and wide choice of colors, the roof of the house looks beautiful and complete.

Price €14.00

"Klasika" is a classic roof and wall covering. Thanks to Click-lock technology, no screws are visible. Perfectly suitable for the roofs of modern houses with architectural heritage and non-traditional design. A roof covered with "Klasika" will always stand out from the surrounding houses. ...

Price €29.00

Eglutė E1 is a fence of horizontally installed tin profiles. Beveled bending and equal transparency are visible on both sides. A Christmas tree-type fence is often chosen by customers who share the costs of installing the fence in half with their neighbor.

Price €28.00

Blind Z1 is a fence of horizontally mounted tin profiles. The profile is bent so that the transparency of the fence is less from the street side. This is the most often chosen profile for a fence.

Price €23.00

A fence of the plank type is a special profile of two-sided painted sheet metal. Tables of the required length are produced for the customer with an accuracy of 1 cm. They are mostly installed vertically, but the horizontal installation method is also becoming popular.


Price €10.41

This profile is intended for covering industrial and commercial buildings with a roof slope of less than 12 degrees.


Price €10.74

Trapezoidal roof/wall covering is mostly used in industrial buildings such as hangars, warehouses, factories. In individual construction, this profile is used as an alternative when the lathing is done incorrectly and there is no way to redo it.